Re: Ants and aphids

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Argentine ants are the ones I know of that do aphid and scale farming 
around here. They are really aggressive little buggers and are known to 
have caused the extinction of a species of butterfly whose larvae were 
previously tended by native ants but the Argentine guys kill all the 
native ants. The problem with them is that there was a small genetic 
stock that took root here so it's just one big megacolony. In Argentina 
they fight among their own neighboring colonies and keep balanced that 
way but here they just wipe everything else out.

david b. williams wrote:

>Greetings. I have a question or two about ants and aphids. I know that ants
>farm aphids and that we have several plants where these nifty little
>agriculturists ply their trade. My question is this. Are their particular
>species of ants in this area that are known to farm aphids and are their
>specific species of aphids known to be farmed? Or is it just a random event?
>Any thoughts or suggestions of places to do more research would be splendid.

Paul Furman
san francisco native plants
(415) 722-6037

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