Reminder--trim quotes if you want to be read

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Here's my periodic reminder that if you want your replies to get
through to the list, you MUST trim quotes.  We all want to see what you
have to say, but we don't want to see multiple repetitions of earlier

Quote only the minimum necessary to put your reply in context, usually
just a line or two.  As a rule of thumb, don't quote more than about
half what you contribute yourself--after all, it's YOUR words we want
to see!

If you just stick the entire post that you're replying to at the bottom
of what you write, or allow your mail program to do that behind your
back, it will fall into the black hole reserved for this purpose.  I
don't yet have an autobouncer to give you feedback, and I stopped
returning them by hand awhile ago because there were so many and it's
time consuming and I'd rather be doing more useful things such as
getting to know python and procmail well enough to write the
autobouncer for posts with excess quoting...

Why am I such a fussbudget about trimming quotes?  Lots of reasons, the
primary ones being:

*)  about 1/3 of our subscribers get the digest.  Wading through excess
quoting in a digest to find new contributions is a lot like trying to
find your one baby bleeding heart in an acre full of herb robert.

*)  excess quoting contaminates the archives in the same way.  Any
given search brings up  3 to 25 posts that do nothing but repeat the
one or two posts that have what you want.

*)  it wastes my resources, uselessly chewing up bandwidth and disk
space, neither of which is 'unlimited' in the server world--I pay for
it.  Not just once when the mail is sent out, but in perpetuity as
people access the archives.
Allyn Weaks
Seattle, WA  Sunset zone 5
Pacific NW Native Wildlife Gardening:

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