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I wish that I had kept my entomological taxonomy texts. In the last few
years (10 or so still a few) I have mentally reached for them so many
times that I've lost count. Does anybody have any good recommendations
for favorite guide/taxonomy. Technical is much better than not. the
popular guides frustrate me with the dumbed-down descriptions and
exclusive use of photographs for identification. 

We use Butterflies of Cascadia by Robert Michael Pyle for butterflies. We
have a fairly good guide to moths that we picked up free from Oregon
State University called Macromoths of the Northwest. We use Dennis
Paulson's little guide for dragonflies, Dragonflies of Washington. Each
of these guides, especially Bob Pyle's, are useful in field and offer a
nice balance between pure taxonomy and popular guide books. 

I'd like to get something for micromoths. I'm also looking for guides/
taxonomies to Hymenoptera, Diptera, Coleoptera. That's a good start.
Natalie McNair-Huff
White Rabbit Publishing --
Co-Author Insiders' Guide to the Olympic Peninsula

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