Speaking of Yellow Jackets

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Speaking of Yellow Jackets, we have a nest (we think they are White-
facced) under the eaves about six feet from our back door. We're getting
a little concerned since within 10 to 14 days it has grown to the size of
a baseball. We're on at least the 2nd brood. While neither of is
allergic, we do have two dogs and two rabbits (in a hutch) that live in
the backyard, and we walk past the nest daily to get to the compost pile,
garbage cans, and to feed and water the critters. If it was by our front
door, we'd get rid of it, but we're hoping we can live with it by the
back door. Nevertheless...any ideas, advice, words of encouragement (one
way or the other) would be nice. As Rob says, he doesn't think getting
rid of it would be a very good naturalist thing to do.

Natalie McNair-Huff
White Rabbit Publishing -- http://www.whiterabbits.com
Co-Author Insiders' Guide to the Olympic Peninsula

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