Anise Swallowtail larvae?

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I have planted a butterfly garden but the butterflies haven't been too 
impressed.  But today, while I was walking around the yard, I spotted a 
caterpillar on the nonnative, self seeded, fennel.  At least that's what I 
think the plant is.  It showed up last year and I left it in 'cause my 
butterfly pamphlet said it was a larval food.

We've had lots of swallowtails around this year but none have stopped long 
enough for me to positively identify them as Anise Swallowtails.  Though I 
had one stay on the lilac long enough to identify the blue markings a few 
years ago.  And it was definitely an Anise.

But now I've got pictures of these caterpillars and want opinions.

They're sitting at  The first one is the best 
shot we got.  The second photo is the first caterpillar I found.  I was 
wondering if it was getting ready to form a chrysalis.  There are 3 
caterpillars that I could find on the plant.  I was pretty excited.

The fennel is not in the butterfly garden.


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