Re: lorquins and swallowtails

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On 25/6/2003, David Williams wrote:

>They were eating our ocean spray.

Wonderful!  That gives me hope that someday I might have some too.  I
have ocean spray, and I've had a few Lorquin's come through and sip
from the ocean spray flowers, though they aren't common.  I'll keep an
eye out for 'pillars though.

I've had more than normal western tigers.  I always get some males
coming through on patrol and briefly refueling, mostly on the mock
orange and sometimes on the ocean spray.  But this year there was a
lovely butterfly fight? between two, close enough to me that I could
hear the wings and feel the breeze.  Last week, one spent a minute or
two checking out the bitter cherry, though I don't think that she? laid
any eggs.  This afternoon, there was one who stayed on the mock orange
for about 20 minutes, going from flower to flower and spending a fair
bit of time on each.  It took a side trip to check out the Erigeron,
but wasn't impressed and came back to the mock orange.  I should have
gone for the camera, but it was too hot to move.
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to that of their general suppression."  Thomas Jefferson

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