Re: Another newbie with unidentified insect

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Suzanne, a few years ago I found a book at Borders in their discount book
section that you might find useful.  I saw it again relatively recently.
It's called The Handy Bug Answer Book, Dr. Gilbert Waldbauer, Professor
Emeritus, Dept of Entomology, U of Ill, Urbana-Champaign (up the road from
where I went to school).

What I like about it is that it lists questions that kids and adults alike
would ask and answers them.  I find it easy to use.  Your granddaughter is
too young to ask the insect questions that will stump you but she soon will
be able to.  ;-)  Here's a link to more info found at Amazon.

If the above is too long and you can't link, go to and type in
the title and you'll get to the page.

btw, I got my copy at Borders for $4.98 or $5.98, IIRC.  I thought it was a
discontinued book - remainders, I think they call them - because of the
price so I was surprised, but glad, to find it at Amazon.


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