summer butterfly project for youth

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good morning-

I've been on the list for a short time and I've enjoyed all the discussions.  As a recently transplanted east-coaster I'm trying to learn as much as possible about my new environment.  

The reason I'm writing is to get the word out about a project offered through the Metrocenter YMCA in Seattle.  I hope this is an appropriate forum for this and if not, kindly let me know so I don't clutter the list!  

The project is called Monarch Migration Project West (  It's a service-learning project for youth interested in Monarch butterfly (and butterfly in general) conservation issues. This summer there will be two caravans that will follow part of the migration route of the Monarch.  Along the way, students will restore habitat, maintain gardens and meet with butterfly experts!  There are still spaces available.  If anyone on the list knows of a student interested in this kind of project for the summer please have them contact me at or visit

Thanks for your time and I look forward to more interesting discussions on the list!

Anna Marchini

Shoreline, WA 
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