Re: Finding butterflies and other insects

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> On my entomology trip through Oregon last summer I discovered that one of
> the best places to find butterflies, bees and many other kinds of insects
> was to stop at roadside overlooks and look around for the obvious place
> someone would duck out of sight to pee. These locations were always
> swarming with insects who come for the minerals once the water part
> evaporates away. Just off McKenzie Pass I counted 175 bees, 56
> 114 other kinds of bugs in a 4 meter "pee zone" behind some rocks.
> Rob Sandelin

Well, if there's so much *good*
in us being "wasted", how about
advocating a return to the days
of at least 'thunder mugs' -
and even promoting composting
toilets instead of wasting all
that good water *and* polluting
by "washing" our excretions
before they go out to sea by
way of sewage treatment plants ?   <g>

Toni in Seattle

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