Re: Butterflies

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>And I was amazed to see the following
>Adult food: Flower nectar from plants including California buckeye,
>yerba santa, and privet; bird droppings; and dung.
>                                             ^^^^
>As I encountered this little guy/girl on dog poop that I was cleaning

I think it's Robert Pyle who has recommended a dish with sand,
some clay mud and kitty droppings, kept damp, as a butterfly
attractant!  Nectar can't provide the minerals they need.  (My
neighbors think I'm strange already; it's a good thing they
don't know everything, though I haven't quite done this yet :-))
Allyn Weaks
Seattle, USDA zone 7-8
Pacific Northwest Native Wildlife Gardening:
"MacCarthy didn't go nearly far enough." -- Shrub

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