Re: Butterflies

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On Tue, 2003-06-03 at 19:24, Allyn Weaks wrote:
> >
> Nice picture!  It's a Lorquin's Admiral, one of the few
> butterflies that I can recognize.  I'm not surprised you
> couldn't recognize it from the web site, since they only show a
> picture of the underside of the wings, which look quite
> different.
> <>

Yep.. I agree. I did a google image search for 'Lourquin's Admiral' and
turned up a couple of photos that match my flutterby.

And I was amazed to see the following

Adult food: Flower nectar from plants including California buckeye,
yerba santa, and privet; bird droppings; and dung.

As I encountered this little guy/girl on dog poop that I was cleaning

Jerry Gaiser in North Plains, Oregon USA (Zone8a) - 45.6933N 123.0418W --

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