Re: Butterflies

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Nice picture!  It's a Lorquin's Admiral, one of the few
butterflies that I can recognize.  I'm not surprised you
couldn't recognize it from the web site, since they only show a
picture of the underside of the wings, which look quite

You can tell male/female by behavior.  If it ignores you, it's a
girl; if it hangs out on a high point and attacks you, it's a
boy :-)  A couple of years ago I had a male take up a perch at
the top of my mock orange, and for nearly three days, he
attacked everything that moved.  Me, the dog, starlings flying
by, bees...a very busy fellow.  I'll never know if he
disappeared because he gave up on the location, or if he finally
attacked something that ate him!

I've had a couple of females wander through, but, there've been
no little ones yet. Maybe because I don't have any plants from
the poplar or willow families, though I've seen prunus listed a
host too and I have a bitter cherry.  (Come to think of it, I
bet those kids get pretty darned big before they pupate.)
Allyn Weaks
Seattle, USDA zone 7-8
Pacific Northwest Native Wildlife Gardening:
"MacCarthy didn't go nearly far enough." -- Shrub

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