Re: butterflies and herbicides

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> I'm planting a small butterfly garden at a public elementary school in
> Vancouver WA along a fenceline which is sprayed occasionally.  We're
> planning on putting up signs that mark off an area surrounding the
> garden which is not to be sprayed.  My question is, how far away from
> the edge of the garden should the signs be?  20 ft? 50 ft?  How far can
> herbicide travel in enough quantity to effect plants, butterflies, and
> caterpillars?  Unfortunately, I dn't think it will go over so well if I
> mark off the entire school fenceline with these signs.
> Matt Gordon

How far ? How fast is the wind
blowing and in which direction ?  ;- (

Put up the signs (whatever is
'recommended/possible') but in
the *maintenance* agreement
(there *is* one, isn't there ?)
make provision that *all the fence*
must be *hand-weeded*. *Regularly*.
*Both sides*. 

And pictures taken and posted *in
the school* of the weeding process/
'volunteers' each time - with maybe 
even a tangible reward now and then ?
all recorded as part of the school's
'history' . . .

The man who wrote "All I ever needed
to know I learned in kindergarten" and 
"milk and cookies in the afternoon" and 
"hold hands while crossing the street"
knew what he was talking about . . .

Toni in Seattle

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