tent caterpillars

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Hi folks:

Tent caterpillars are proliferating on the common hawthorne in my parking
strip in Seattle. So far they haven't spread to the Washington Thorn next
to it.

I know when I was a kid in Michigan tent caterpillars were very common (at
least in some years) and caused lots of leaf damage. They were considered
pests and we were urged to destroy them. In a different climate and
locality and a more ecologically aware age, I'm wondering what course of
action, if any, people suggest taking with them. I've planned to remove the
hawthorn, which is somewhat invasive in this area and is too close to the
corner to suit traffic engineers, anyway, so if anyone thinks tent
caterpillars should be destroyed I would probably just get rid of the tree.

Any thoughts on tent caterpillars?


Paul Talbert
Hillman City, Seattle

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