Re: honey bees

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> Hello Pacific Northwest insect people, I'm forwarding this question from
> a California native plant list serve in hopes that you folks can help.
> Paul Furman

> Helen Popper wrote:
> >My house has honey bees in the walls.  Someone told me that bee keepers
would sometimes come & take the hive instead of exterminating them.  Any one
know anything about this or have any ideas?  I hope you don't mind that I"m
asking on this site.  It somehow seemed related in my mind.
> >
> >-Helen

Just for the heck of it, I
looked in *City* of Seattle's
yellow pages phone book under
"Bee - " and found 3 - count
'em - 3 Bee Removal outfits
listed - with California's
crops, certainly there must
be *some* closer than the
NW . . .

Toni in Seattle

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