How to know the insects book series

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These are picture key nature series and are good for getting an insect, or
spider to family. There are a few representative  genra, mostly from the
midwest or east coast. They are nicely illustrated, so that if it says
something like, Pronatum is ovid and does not cover the tegula, there is
almost always an illustration which helps you figure out what that means. I
have had 10 year olds succeed in using these keys. There are many insect
titles, some out of print,  including, aquatic insects, immature insects,
ticks and mites, grasshoppers, beetles and heminoptera. I just wish there
were versions for how to know the western insects.

Rob Sandelin
South Snohomish County at the headwaters of Ricci Creek
Sky Valley Environments  <>
Field skills training for student naturalists

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