Another moth ID needed

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It's definitely starting to get buggy out there--and in here.  Today I
had all the doors and windows open for the first time in a long time,
and much to the kitties delight and frustration, a big moth came in
(leaky screens).  He's sitting on the computer room ceiling, out of
kitty reach, and nearly out of camera reach.  (Photography would be
much easier without Quasar insisting that if she used my head as a
launch pad, she could certainly catch that tasty snack.)

He sits with all wings spread wide, and is, at a guess, about 2 inches
from wingtip to wingtip.  Forewings brown with black stripy markings,
hindwings much lighter and more grey (doesn't show properly in the
picture; my camera objects to my mixed fluorescent/tungsten/flash.)
The body is robust, but I can't tell if it has scales or hairs.
There's a tiny yellow splotch at the back corner of each forewing.  The
back edge of the wings, especially the hindwings, have noticeably
scalloped edges.


Any hints?  I could possibly net the guy to get a better look.  But
it's so much fun watching kitty machinations that I doubt I will. :-)
Allyn Weaks   Seattle, WA  Sunset zone 5
Pacific NW Native Wildlife Gardening:
"The benefit of even limited monopolies is too doubtful, to be opposed
to that of their general suppression."  Thomas Jefferson

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