Re: Raising meal worms info

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It is true that they are not exactly fun to raise.   I have raised many, 
many batches of them in my life of keeping lizards, etc.

Putting them in oatmeal, in a coffee can or better yet, a largish plastic 
container with approximately 1/4 inch holes punched in the lid keeps things 
sanitary.   Monitor the apple or potato which supplies their moisture and 
remove the veggy/fruit when it becomes withered.  If it is getting moldy 
then things are entirely too moist.   Make more holes or set the can in a 
less humid place.  They don't actually smell unless the cereal gets moldy.

Occasionally the beetles get out, but I have never had them get into 
anything else.

Arlene M.

Arlene Mikelsons <>

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