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Here's what my friend Carole Sheridan has to say about raising meal worms.
She ran the Tahoma Audubon Bird Clinic for over 30 years.
 Helen, I really don't know much about raising meal worms, I didn't like
having them around, so bought them when I needed them. I do remember when I
did have them I had them in a container with a kind of bran meal, along with
an apple slice . I don't know about the tight lid, as moisture could collect
and then we have a smelly, damp mess.  I know you can buy them very

Care Delew buys them for the Bluebirds.  She has small shallow jar lids or
pill container lids attached to the roof of the Bluebird houses and puts out
meal worms for them when she is checking the houses during nesting season.

 It's  amazing how they have learned to come for those tasty worms. I think
feeding them makes a difference in the nestlings survival,esp. in the early
part of May when the weather can often turn wet and cold. that is when we
lose the young, they get wet and cold and the parents are not able to catch
enough insects to feed themselves and their young.

As for what they turn into in their later life cycle, the ones I had always
turned into Beetles.

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