Re: birdseed moths

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Oh, cool!!!  We've got a rat (Peanut) that would love this, I bet.  Plus my
boys will think it fun.

Tell me more, please.  Do they continue to breed within the bucket or do you
have to replace them so often?  Can I still compost the rat poop in my
compost bin?  Where do you get them?  What kind of fish did you feed them
to?  We have a goldfish.

I will definitely *not* tell friends and neighbors if we do this.  They
already think me nuts for letting my boys get the rat.  The cat and the
goldfish pass muster as "normal" pets.  ;-)

Tualatin, OR

Helen wrote:
>Daughter Melanie raised mealwoms in a bucket or bran flakes (with a
>tight-fitting lid).  At various times she was feeding lizards, frogs,
>gerbils, fish and white rats.   The animals gobbled the larvae.

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