Re: birdseed moths

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>Daughter Melanie raised mealwoms in a bucket or bran flakes (with a
>tight-fitting lid).  At various times she was feeding lizards, frogs, birds,
>gerbils, fish and white rats.   The animals gobbled the larvae.
>And I warned of dire consequences if the moths got loose in the house.

But meal worms are beetle larvae...a darkling beetle IIRC.  I
discovered they were beetles by accident when I bought a
container of mealworms cheap because they were 'past date'.  I
still remember how startled I was when I picked up a pupae and
it kicked!  The beetles they turned into were about 3/4" long
and black.  Take the size with a grain of salt, it was a long
time ago.  But they weren't enormous, and they weren't teensy :-)
Allyn Weaks
Seattle, USDA zone 7-8
Pacific Northwest Native Wildlife Gardening:

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