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After sending mail this morning, this afternoon I saw a mourning cloak on
the wing in a local park. The sun had broke out of the clouds, and it was
warm enough to be in a t-shirt (we were planting trees with students) and
along floated this brown and black butterfly, circling one of my students
who was wearing a white t-shirt, and off into the spring it went. The only
flowers out in the park right now are Indian Plum.  Also had several bees
out today, visiting the flowers in the garden. I am seeing several places
locally selling Mason bees. I don't recall so many places dealing them in
years past. We bought three tubes of them, and taped them to the sunny side
of our house, on the mason bee block that has never attracted a single bee

And on another buggy note, I found tiny larvae  of what looks like beetle
larvae under a leaf today. I thought they might be dormant as they did not
move. At least while I watched. I took a couple, stuck them in my sandwhich
container intending to draw them later, and while I was busy elsewhere they
both apparently left. Next time the lid goes on....

Rob Sandelin
Sky Valley Environments  <http://www.nonprofitpages.com/nica/SVE.htm>
Field skills training for student naturalists

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