birdseed moths

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At 11:26 AM 3/10/03 -0800, you wrote:

>Helen Engle, ever watchful for those little moths that come in birdseed that
>I feed my Zebra Finches because they want to lay their eggs in my cereals
>and graham crackers.

Oh those pests! do they actually come in the bird seed? all I know is that
I had to throw out almost all my flour, cornmeal, popcorn, oatmeal, etc. as
well as dispose of the birdseed and totally clean out the pantry where it
was kept. Before i realized they were in all those places, I had found them
flying out of the stove, the cupboards, etc. for months. By the time I'm
done smashing them, they aren't in the best shape for ID, so I'm still not
too sure exactly who they are. (Well, actually, the real reason has less to
do with smashing them than with my utter ignorance of moths.)

Paul Talbert
Hillman City, Seattle

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