Who are those moths?

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The nesting box in my hens' house has a hinged, slanted roof which I 
raise to gather eggs. Every year towards the end of summer I begin to 
see moths 'sleeping' on the underside of the roof. By the time winter 
arrives there are usually about 25of them, apparently settled down to 

They are various shades of beige, creme, buckskin, fawn, etc., about 
the size of a quarter (+/-), and they 'sleep', their wings spread 
wide and flattened, wingtip to wingtip, in pretty kaleidoscopic 
patterns. If I rouse one with a finger tip it will flutter 
(sleepily?) a few wing strokes, and settle back down.

So, who are these guys? And what phase of life are they in? Will they 
make it through the coming summer, or are they just waiting for 
warmer weather to reproduce and die? Inquiring minds want to know.

irene, outside of eatonville where the mason bee holes I drilled in 
the cedar fence posts last summer are still tightly sealed against 
the elements...

irene bensinger
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