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On 10/3/2003, Mya Rorer wrote:
>I signed up for the digest and have never received anything.  Did the
>list die before it was born?  Or did I goof when I registered?

You're zubscribed, and the list is fine, but due to low traffic, a
digest hasn't filled up and been sent out yet.  Traffic is low (ok,
nearly non-existant) because your irresponsible list owner never
finished it's web page with the instructions, and told everyone to
spread the word of the list's existence.  Oops.

I still haven't done the web page, but if you want to tell bug people
about the list, go ahead.  Regular majordomo process:

Send a message with a line in the body of the message of

subscribe pnw-spineless
subscribe pnw-spineless-digest


Note that replies to this message will probably bounce to me because of
the magic subscribe word, so remove those bits.
Allyn Weaks   Seattle, WA  Sunset zone 5
Pacific NW Native Wildlife Gardening:
"The benefit of even limited monopolies is too doubtful, to be opposed
to that of their general suppression."  Thomas Jefferson

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