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On 7/11/02, Arlene Mikelsons wrote:
>I am probably missing the information somewhere in my FAQ section, but is
>there a place we can post photos for pnw-spineless?

You can put them up on your own web site (most isps provide you with
10-20 megs or so) and then post the url.  If you don't have any web
space, mail it to me (suitably squished, please) and I'll stick it in
pnw-natives photogallery with my usual unpredictable time delay... (I
don't see any reason to split the photo gallery, people are just going
to have to risk seeing all kingdoms!)
Allyn Weaks   Seattle, WA  Sunset zone 5
Pacific NW Native Wildlife Gardening:
"The benefit of even limited monopolies is too doubtful, to be opposed
to that of their general suppression."  Thomas Jefferson

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