RE: Ladybugs

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On 5/11/02, Rob Sandelin wrote:

>A common and easy to ID ladybug is the two spot, which as her name implies
>has two black spots on dull red elytra (The hard wing case of beetles).

I had one this summer!  A nice treat, and the first I'd seen.  Even
better, I had one twice-stabbed (black with two red spots, entirely
black head) in early june on the bittercherry.  And another the next
day that was either a twice-stabbed or an inversly colored two-spot.
It was black with two red spots, and the head had white markings.   The
spots weren't round, they were more of an inverted U shape.  No
pictures, unfortunately, just brief looks right before I had to leave
for work.  I looked around at other lady beetle pictures, but never
found one that matched properly.
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