Re: Ladybugs

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>I have Ladybugs ... Should I just catch them and ferry them outside, and 
>hope they find a better way to survive?

I had that happen each year in a house on Anderson Island WA.   One of my 
sons and I made it an autumn ritual to brush all the ladybugs out of the 
casement windows before closing them tight.

We used a small brush or a chicken wing feather and brushed the ladybugs 
into a plastic container.   As soon as they start to warm up they start 
moving - FAST!    I put them in a box in our unheated garage, covered them 
with leaves from the yard and they stayed in there all winter.   In spring 
I either checked them to see how they were doing or I would open the garage 
one day and find them all crawling around, waiting for me to let them out.

I am not sure if this is the best thing to do with them, but most of them 
seemed to survive the winter.

Arlene M.

Arlene Mikelsons <>

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